These are some of the guidelines for becoming a gaffer at ISU and some of the rules gaffers must follow.

  1. Beginners must complete one semester of instruction. Those who have completed the class satisfactorily are "gaffers" and may blow glass whenever the studio schedule is open. Beginners must blow during scheduled times only.
  2. Semester dues for beginners and gaffers must be paid within two weeks of registration.
  3. Membership entails responsibilities:
    1. Keep the studio clean. Sweep after each use, put tools in their proper places, etc.
    2. Refill furnaces according to the schedule
    3. Report problems/emergencies (eg. furnace out, annealer not working, cordy glass) to:
      Steve Martin
      Room 2220E Hoover, 294-0745 (233-3277)
      Gaffer Maintenance Group / Keith Kutz
      515-294-0986 (office) / 515-509-3986 (mobile) /
  4. Help with projects such as furnace rebuilding, sales, commission pieces, Guild budget.
  5. Switch annealing ovens when necessary, and communicate with other members about the status of the annealers. As a general rule, always leave a hot annealer with space in it.
  6. Gaffers provide help to beginners.

Safety Precautions

In the years that we have been blowing glass at Iowa State, there has never been a serious injury or a serious accident. Please help us maintain this record by observing the rules listed below:

  • Always blow glass with a partner
  • Remember that the person with the hot glass has the right of way
  • Always wear natural fiber clothing when blowing glas - preferrable with long sleeves and legs
  • Always wear eye protection (glasses count)
  • Never put a hot blowpipe into water without covering the mouthpiece
  • Put tools back where they belong - and hot end down
  • Be familiar with Material Safety Data Sheets

Student Health Clinic Hours

Monday through Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 12pm